Making a Lasting Impression with Facebook Tools

Building client relationships in the age of social media would not be complete without Facebook. Relying on the power of the social media giant by focusing on lists and groups is the next best thing to a handshake and face-to-face encounters in the community. An increasing number of prospective clients are connecting to the professionals and services they need by logging on and liking who they see.

Real estate is an industry especially suited to the Facebook age. Getting to know clients from across states and countries is difficult when creating the personal connection that builds strong business relationships is obscured by geographic distances and timely friendships. Social media is a tool that allows professionals like real estate brokers and agents to forge solid new interactions that lead to successful sales.

The key to using Facebook lists and groups to develop deeper connections with potential clients is to use digital media effectively and with quality content. Joining and sharing can both have a profound effect on professional business and personal image.

Connecting with Potential Clients to Grow Business

Facebook pages and groups serve similar purposes, but use different means to accomplish them. Making the best use of groups means following a few simple strategies designed to engage new clients.

According to author Jessica Wade, writing for, “the biggest mistake many businesses make is creating a group and then just spamming members with links to their website.” Facebook groups are about more than basic overload marketing. A quality group is a subtle influence that coerces potential clients with relevant information and interests, rather than herding them to the same old promotional materials.

By building a community with a Facebook group or list, users will gain a broader understanding of the “who” of a business rather than the “what.” After reading a real estate agency’s page, practically every user will understand the services offered. However, a business page may be lacking in personal details that allow future clients to develop connections that allow them to appreciate the person who represents the business.

The most important thing to remember about community building — whether via Facebook groups or lists — is that it is not about the business. By shifting the focus to customers and developing a safe community, business growth will naturally follow.

There are over 1.15 mobile daily active users on Facebook and every one of them has the potential to access and join groups and lists. For professionals who successfully tap into such a sizeable audience, even a fractional percentage of the market can amount to a sizeable community. Using Facebook groups and lists does more than create deeper connections; it has the potential to open doors the thousands of new clients and customers every day.

Contrary to myth, social media marketing has not plateaued. It remains as a viable tool for every real estate agent and broker to take advantage of successfully. The only constraint to market realization is in the quality of the content and presentation: the better the content, the better the following.

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