Day: March 26, 2018

Three Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail

  Real estate is a competitive business. Even accounting for fierce competition, however, failure rates among agents and brokers is disproportionately high. Not surviving the marketplace and failing at sales accounts for attrition rates as high as 80 percent. Determining why both rookie and senior

Boosting Business Growth One Link at a Time

Networking has always been a successful way to remain active in the employment market. Accordingly, the old adage about who you know over what you know has never been more true than in the era of LinkedIn. With over 65 million professional users, the career-oriented

Strategies for Instant Success

Many business owners and managers may be overwhelmed or confused by their social media marketing needs. Relying on various platforms and programs can be time consuming and nearly a full-time job in itself. Successful marketing campaigns demand constant attention, organization, succinct and often instantaneous creativity,

Making a Lasting Impression with Facebook Tools

Building client relationships in the age of social media would not be complete without Facebook. Relying on the power of the social media giant by focusing on lists and groups is the next best thing to a handshake and face-to-face encounters in the community. An

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