What to Expect in the First Year in Real Estate?

A lot of real estate agents don’t make it through their first two years in real estate. The number one reason real estate agents fail is because of self-doubt and fear. Their lack of confidence largely contributes to a lack of production and a lack of execution. The National Association of Realtors reported 87% of all new agents fail after five years and only 13% make it. Find out who’s betting on you to lose in Jeff’s video. When agents don’t have a plan of action, they don’t know where to start or they don’t finish what they’ve already started. In order to be better prepared for your first year in real estate, Jeff Lobb suggests:

1. Time Management:

You will often hear Jeff referring to his calendar as his playing field. He even challenges his audience to open their calendars and look at the time they have between meetings. Even if you have 5 meetings scheduled how do you use your time in between? Do you scroll on facebook? Or run for a cup of coffee? Jeff suggests calendaring open tasks in-between those meetings. Schedule time on your calendar to follow-up with leads and run your next marketing piece.

2. Systems:

In real estate, you can utilize various different systems to stay organized and be productive. Jeff often talks about ways to simplify and be more efficient. As real estate agents there are hours of paperwork. From data entry on MLS, to showing houses in person, and don’t forget marketing, the workload seems never ending but it doesn’t have to be with the right team and proper systems. In order to know what systems you need, Jeff suggests knowing what your good at and asking yourself what you’re not so good at. When you find your weak points you can work around them. Maybe you don’t have the patience to input all that data in MLS but you love prospecting, hire support staff to help you with the data entry. Need to up your marketing game? Find a marketing strategist or hire a company to run your ads. Putting systems in place will save you time and make your business more efficient.

3. Leverage Social Media:

Jeff states social media is successful because it’s emotional and visual. Even though it wasn’t created as a lead generation source, it’s the go-to marketing tool. You can often hear Jeff strategizing about marketing on Facebook and Instagram. One of his biggest tips is to get comfortable with video. Visual content drives engagement. When you publish video you get your audience engaged on a personal level and they’re more likely to make a decision based on their perception of you from your video.

4. Find A Mentor:

Having an experienced agent by your side to help you along your way is invaluable. These are the people you could go to get a quick answer, encouragement, guidance, and accountability.

5. Know Your Area:

Many realtors find it tempting to find and market homes on their own online. This practice diminished part of the value of realtor services, which cramped their style. Why sellers and buyers ask for real estate agent help is because of their area expertise – they have access to data and understand the fair market value in a particular neighborhood. Expert Realtors know the best way to negotiate a win-win contract.

6. Figure Out What’s Holding You Back:

Even the most successful people aren’t perfect in all areas of business, they just know when to ask for help. Hiring a coach can help keep you on track and accountable in your business from day to day. If you know what’s holding you back you can make a plan of action to move forward.

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