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People without strong video editing skills who are looking for a simple, quick, and easy-to-use video editor don’t need to look any further. In a myriad of apps and websites, you can find online, and you’ll see that it’s difficult to find something not too complicated to understand and use. But thanks to Kapwing, an amazing video-editor and meme-making website, you will get the answer to all your prayers.

Let us introduce you to Kapwing

The online world is becoming increasingly visual-oriented. The latest Cisco Visual Index shows that 80% of all of the world’s online traffic will be video. Those who are not that tech-savvy may find this a bit intimidating. Kapwing is created to address that problem by allowing you to edit your videos through a few easy steps. Want a loop video? Want to shorten a video or add subtitles? Or maybe you need to create a loop video? You can do it all with Kapwing and express yourself better than in photos or written text.

Kapwing tools

Kapwing started as a meme editor but experienced a sudden growth after adding more tools. Now, the current tool selection includes:

  • Image-to-video converter
  • Multi-video montage maker
  • Video filters
  • Video Collage
  • Subtitles
  • Stop motion maker
  • Add music to video with MP3 uploads
  • Reverse video
  • Trim video
  • Resize video
  • Mute video
  • Loop video
  • Add overlaid text to video
  • Sound effects maker
  • Meme maker

Who can use it?

Everyone and anyone can use Kapwing – from beginners to professionals who need to edit videos quickly, create memes, or collage templates. It is perfect for people who often post videos on social media, entrepreneurs, meme makers, teachers, students, etc. The site is not for professional editing, so it’s most suitable for creating visuals for social media, school presentations, or for personal use.

Advantages over other web-based video editors

Why should you choose Kapwing over other web-based video editors available? Some features give Kapwing a genuine competitive edge over other apps.

Easy to use. You don’t need any tutorials to figure out how to use Kapwing. Essentially, it is an excellent DIY tool that removes the need to rely on professional help.

User-friendliness. The design is very user-friendly, and you won’t have to learn any technical jargon or words to manipulate your videos. Kapwing will save lots of your time that you’d otherwise spend on learning things that you’re never going to use in your daily life.

Browser-based. There’s no need to download, install, and run the program to use it. Access it via your browser and start working.

Free to use. There’s no charge on editing or downloading the video. Kapwing does add their watermark on the final product that can be removed for $20 every month (for unlimited videos) or $6 per video. If you don’t mind the watermark, you can use it free of charge.

Kapwing is evolving, and they plan to seize the opportunity to enable their users to edit longer vertical videos for Instagram’s IGTV. The creators wanted to offer a web-based tool that everyone can use because they found the other devices on the Internet to be mostly inaccessible. Feel free to check it out and get crafty with Kapwing!

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