What's your VIBE?

Hosted by Certified Life Coach,
Niki Brand.

A Unique Way to Learn how to:

  • Align with your goals
  • Design a vision board efficiently
  • Break Blocks
  • Create a valuable I AM statement
  • Manifest
  • Expect Limitless Possibilities

This series includes:

  • 2 1-hour Virtual Sessions
  • 1 Private 15min. Coaching Session 
  • A complete setup in Canva with prebuilt templates
  • One completed digital and printable Vision Board at the end of the series!

About Niki Brand

Niki is a former TV show host of Skylands Weekly. She’s a Certified Life Coach with IPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. 

Currently Vice President of Coaching and Engagement at SparkTankmedia. Mom of 3, believer of limitless possibilities!


“Vision boarding was something that I thought about doing for a while, but never took the initiative. Niki’s positive encouragement motivated me, and she brought a great energy to this class! With this, I was able to really focus and think hard about my dreams and goals and now I have a tangible picture to pair with my thoughts.”

– Stacey O.

“Everyone at some point needs a reset on their path in life. Participating in Niki Brands VIBE experience aided me in getting my goals back on track and staying productive. I look at it every morning now before I begin my day. It’s something companies should consider doing for their employees as a way to grow morale and build their teams. It’s a great avenue to bridge the gap from employers to their employees as we now see the face of work life altered by many companies turning to stay at home culture. Make this experience your company’s happy hour! You won’t regret it!”

 – Dawn S. 

“I’m so grateful I was able to take the Vision boarding class with Niki. Manifesting and visualization are a huge part of how I live my life, but to be honest, the act of creating a physical vision board got thrown to the back burner due to lack of time. Niki allowed me to open my eyes as to just how easy the process was. She was able to help me bring my dreams to life in such a unique way! I loved how the template was done for me and I could easily plug in my own pictures, plus customize it with my vibe. Niki helped me to think outside the box and tap into areas I wasn’t exactly focusing on, but are a huge part of my future. I now have a gorgeous Vision board hanging in my office that I look at every single day. It helps me stay on point with my goals and desires! I cannot wait to watch these images come to life!”

 – Meredith R

Digital and printable results!

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