Boosting Business Growth One Link at a Time

Networking has always been a successful way to remain active in the employment market. Accordingly, the old adage about who you know over what you know has never been more true than in the era of LinkedIn. With over 65 million professional users, the career-oriented social media giant has helped people around the globe develop massive personal networks focused on employment connections.

While millions of professionals rely on LinkedIn to keep them in the loop on the latest opportunities and happenings in their fields, others are finding ways to make membership pay with other rewards. Using LinkedIn for wide-reaching marketing can be a cost-efficient and effective way to grow business, clients, and sales for practically any industry or career specialty, especially real estate.

Connecting individual professionals and businesses with a worldwide network of consumers, LinkedIn provides a virtual billboard for active digital marketing. One of the benefits of LinkedIn marketing over platforms like Facebook and Instagram is that the filters are already built in – it’s not a place for cute memes, spammy sayings, and loads of ad-promoting bots. LinkedIn is a safe haven for professionals, companies, and businesses that are serious about growing careers, client bases, and sales.


Choose the Right Tool and Become an Expert

For real estate agents and brokers, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for reaching potential clients and developing a range of business connections that generate leads. The key is to use LinkedIn marketing effectively and a few common tips can help.

Reach Out and Expand

Real estate agents and sales professionals are constantly on the lookout for ways to generate leads and grow a client base. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for expansion…when it is used. Like any development activity, new business must be cultivated, and a LinkedIn account that just sits will never blossom. An active account is the key to successful results. By making connections, asking for referrals, and endorsing other members, a LinkedIn user keeps the network healthy and that will produce faster and more reliable results.

Focus on Relevant Groups

Any professional joining a group on LinkedIn should be selective and do a little research before automatically clicking the join button. Every group has an information page that displays relevant demographic information, seniority levels of the group, and other membership activity. Poorly managed groups can be a disappointment for professionals who don’t do their research first.

Be Selective

When using LinkedIn, professionals should remember that it is not a general interest platform. Creating meaningful links to other people in a specific industry or related fields is vital to the successful function of LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

Use Premium Features

With advanced profiles, powerful research resources, and additional connection tools, LinkedIn Premium is the best way to accomplish successful marketing. Most business owners and professionals who are interested in building a community more quickly rely on the added benefits of a premium account. While basic services are good for searching jobs, premium is the service that creates opportunities.

A powerful tool is only as good as the person using it. In the right hands, LinkedIn can provide access to new clients, business, sales, and successful business and career growth. Like any tool, however, learning to use it effectively is the best strategy.

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