Real Estate Technology- Mirror your IPAD or IPHONE 4s to your Mac or Big Screen

I have found a fantastic way to Share and Mirror my IPAD 2 or IPAD 3 and the IPHONE 4s to my mac and screen without Apple TV. I have tested it for 3 Weeks solid and it has been reliable and without fail. The app/software is called Reflection !  While this is huge for me to speak, train and Demo apps and the use of these devices, I felt Obilgated to the industry to share this so that others can do the same. When you use Reflection, you must be on the same wifi connection and once its linked, you can click FULL screen and it displays beautifully. I have been using it to record demos for weeks now and it has been very stable on my IMac and macbook air.  Just thought I would help change the Real Estate Technology World a little bit and share this AWESOME gamechanger.!! ..Happy Mirroring !!

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