Real Estate Technology – Video Marketing: The Next Big Thing

REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY – Video Marketing: The Next Big Thing

FRIDAY, 22 APRIL 2011 08:31

The explosion of social media, and its’ solid place in marketing strategy, has now gone one step further. Social media and networking sites are not enough if you want to be where the action—and the prospective clients are.  The newest must-have in Real Estate marketing plans is video marketing—and a surprising number of Real Estate Professionals are not capitalizing on this opportunity.

According to a recent post by the tech gurus at, “among social media used by real estate agents, 79% are using Facebook but only 12% are using YouTube. Yet the same site reports that in 2010, YouTube surpassed 2 billion video views per day.”  Plainly here, is a call to action- if for nothing else then the sheer numbers.


In an effort to try to fill in this marketing gap, Exit Realty is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, April 27th to assist Realtors in taking the first steps towards leveraging video media to maximize marketing results.

“Whether we as real estate professionals agree or not, today’s consumer has access to, and demands, more visual marketing than ever before. From YouTube to Vimeo, from virtual tours to video tours and from iPhones to Kodak cameras, it’s all about video.”

During the seminar, EXIT Realty’s VP of Technology and Innovation, Jeff Lobb, will discuss and demonstrate “best practices including methods, devices and services to shoot, edit, display, market and track video for properties and self promotion.”

Utilizing video marketing adds an extra dimension to your marketing strategy. Many prospective clients now are accustomed to, and therefore expect immediacy both in their communications- and in receiving marketing messages.

In a relationship based business like real estate, video marketing allows people to get to know you beforehand. It is an opportunity to showcase your brand, and to promote information in a whole new, tremendously impacting way.

Formerly available only to Exit Realty Reps, they have decided to open the gates. “”We’re excited to invite the real estate industry at large to join us,” said Lobb.  “We’ll be continuing the high-quality, no-sales-pitch delivery of our private sessions, now helping agents everywhere to wade through the myriad of hardware and software on the market vying for their limited technology budgets. So many agents are lost when it comes to making the right technology decisions.”

For more information on the value of video marketing and using YouTube, read our PropertyWire blog “A Moving Picture On YouTube Is Worth A Thousand Words”.



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