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CloudOn Brings Microsoft Office to Your iPad, Complete with Cloud Storage

iPad: CloudOn brings a fully-loaded version of Microsoft Office to the iPad, so you can edit documents on-the-go using all of Office’s features, and store your documents right in your Dropbox.


CloudOn isn’t really a touch-optimized version of Office; instead, it’s like using a screen-sharing app with a computer running Office elsewhere. You’ll need an internet connection to use it, since the program runs on CloudOn’s servers, but it actually works pretty well, despite being designed for a mouse and keyboard. You probably wouldn’t want to do all your document editing from it, but for quick edits, tracking changes, or reviewing presentations, it’s really useful, and doesn’t have the compatibility problems that might come with something like iWork. It also stores all your documents in your Dropbox, so you have easy access to them everywhere you go.


Best of all, CloudOn is completely free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Hit the link below to download it for the iPad.

CloudOn | iTunes App Store via MacRumors


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