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How-To: Write a GOOD Hyperlocal Blog Post



This post is dedicated to those of you with good blogging intentions. You know who you are. You started that community focused blog that everyone told you would be an instant hit, but now the blog is live and you haven’t written much of anything at all.

It’s all good, but every blogger (aka Content Creator) has glared at the computer monitor trying to recall a post idea only to allow yourself to be distracted by the dog, the kids, the glass of wine. Becoming a content creator is tough (at first), so here are a few tips that may make the process of writing your next community-focused post much easier.

Create a Blog Topic List

First, if you don’t already have a blog topic list now is the time to start one. This is a list of topics you are passionate about and that your audience can benefit from. And when it comes to writing hyperlocal content your list could include:

  • Arts (theatre, gallery, performance)
  • Business (newly opened, changed locations, bargains, specials)
  • Charity (fundraisers, causes, events)
  • Dance (events, lessons, instructors)
  • Dog Fun (parks, trails, grooming, stores)
  • Educational (school scores, events,
  • Entertainment (kids, families, date night)
  • Exhibit (art, wine, cars, etc)
  • Family Fun (best activities & restaurants)
  • Farmers Market (locations, produce, unique finds)
  • Fresh Produce (what’s in season, recipes)
  • Gardening (native planting, nurseries, tips)
  • Gift Ideas (holidays, stores, tips, homemade)
  • History (stories, points of interest, landmarks)
  • Movies (new release, reviews)
  • Museum (hours, exhibits, experience)
  • Music (new release, reviews, shows)
  • Parks (descriptions, maps, trails, dog friendly, kid friendly)
  • People (clients, residents, business owners, volunteers, advisors)
  • Real Estate (your listings, neighborhood spotlight, new building, laws affecting)
  • Recreation (activities, suggestions)
  • Restaurants (reviews, favorites, suggestions)
  • Science (events, ideas)
  • Seasonal (fun found in your area: winter, spring, summer, fall)
  • Special Notices (new laws, meetings, chamber of commerce)
  • Sports (events, clubs, gyms, races, games, tips)
  • Transportation (options, schedules, changes)
  • Uniqueness (What’s special about where you live & work?)

In order to write good posts that truly hit home with your audience, you need to clearly pinpoint WHO it is you’re trying to reach (demographic & geographic criteria). If you’re focused on first time buyers and young families,think like them. What info do they ask you for, how do they spend their time, what concerns them, etc.  Also, don’t be afraid to narrow the gap…or widen it! If there are 12 agents in your market already writing about your city, consider getting uber-focused on a particular neighborhood(s) or expand your emphasis to a region (i.e. Silicon Valley). But whatever you decide , carve that niche and stay consistent!

Anatomy of a GOOD Post

Alright, you’ve decided on the topic for your post and say its an upcoming fundraiser held by the local high school.  Here’s what you should include:


  1. Post title (include location or topic)
  2. Topic details (when is the event, where is it, why should I check it out)
  3. Keep it short (200 words, no more than 300)
  4. Link to original details (Website, Facebook Page, etc)
  5. Include an image with your post (photo of location or topic)


  1. Provide a personal experience or story related to what you share (been there, done that?)
  2. Interview someone involved (event chair, business owner, volunteer, etc.) & include the video in your post
  3. Facilitate connecting (provide Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, other social channels for topic being shared)

Getting the word out!

Once you’ve posted your hyperlocal article on your blog and it’s time to get the word out! Do any or all of the following:

  1. Post your article as an update on Facebook. Use the link feature to pull in the article image and description. Include commentary to frame your update with a reason for reading your article. Don’t tell us what your post is about, ask us if we’ve heard of the topic or share a related tip that sparks our interest.
  2. Tweet your blog post title with a short (& trackable) URL back to your site.
  3. If you’re using WordPress (you’re extremely smart) you can add the WordPress app to your Linkedin profile which will aggregate your most recent WP blog posts on your professional profile.
  4. Share your post via email newsletter with your sphere list.
  5. Create a print version of your article and use it as a targeted farm piece.
  6. Turn on your Web cam and talk about this great event or interview someone involved, upload to YouTube (and share elsewhere).

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got ideas, you know what to include in your post, and you’ve got skillz for promoting your hyperlocal content….so, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to position yourself as the Trusted Advisor, the Super Agent, the AUTHORITY in your local market area!



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