I think in just about anything we do thats competitive in this world, to do it RIGHT….we need a COACH..I know the word gets thrown out alot and really gets deflated, but someone to be accountable too..someone to follow up with, someone to hear you and someone to simply set you straight and push you to get it done. More importantly its for someone to TEACH and LEAD by example.  “show you how to do it” so you can….GO DO IT.. “IT”…Thats right..whatever “IT” is.. Prospecting, offers, Marketing and YES of course, my favorite….REAL ESTATE Technology…I have been coaching for a the past year or two in between my LIVE Technology Training events throughout all of North America and it has been going really well…WHY?  its a more hands on experience so noone gets overwhelmed, its a small group experience where we learn and DO at the same time and its a time to ask questions that some couldn’t get answered elsewhere. Its also LIVE !  Live , and real time Video conferencing via OOVOO !  I can see you, you can see me..I can share my screen with you and record the whole session.. OUR Real Estate World is Changing dramatically and Technology is Changing the Way we do business, our marketing and the way we communicate…We need to change with it…Lets step it up gang..2011 is just around the corner and many new exciting changes are happening there too… Embrace it!




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