Real Estate Technology and Tools – The MUST have case for IPAD


I don’t care if it ads bulk ! Drop your ipad a few times or bump it really hard…. How nice is it with a cracked screen and scratches.. We in Real Estate need to use these devices in the field where anything can happen.. Protect your investment the way I do..,. Otterbox !! In my next few posts I will show you REAL proof !! Watch for it !

The OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPad 2 is part of our most rugged line of cases, utilizing multi-layer technology and designed to withstand just about any environment. Don’t worry about losing any access or functionality by wrapping your iPad 2 in the Defender Series; we’ve designed it so you can use all of the iPad’s features right through the case. The inner polycarbonate shell has a foam interior to protect the back of your iPad from scratching, while the durable silicone skin works its magic by absorbing shock. The clip-on touch screen cover has a fold-out stand that offers up a convenient viewing and typing experience!  


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