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OoVoo to take its video-calling app mobile



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OoVoo plans to take its video chat app mobile.

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With the advent of 4G bandwidth, the time may finally be ripe for high-data mobile video calling to take root. That’s what video chat companyOoVoo is banking on: it just announced its intention at CES to translate its desktop and Web video chat interface to the mobile phone.

Oovoo’s desktop video-calling apps (Windows|Mac) can handle up to six conference-call lines at once, and can record conversations, to boot.

We can only guess at this point if video conference calls will figure into OoVoo’s mobile app, since it won’t even have a product to formally demo until February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We did find out, however, that OoVoo’s mobile app will work over data and Wi-Fi; the pricing model is still hazy, but there will be a free trial; and OoVoo plans to announce U.S. partners at CTIA in late March.

OoVoo isn’t the first to conceptualize mobile video calling, but it stands a better chance than an app like iVisit Mobile, an attempt for Windows Mobile phones that never broke beta or caught much air.

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