FREE, Live and In-Person Real Estate Technology Training

FEBRUARY 25, 2010

FREE, Live and In-Person Real Estate Technology Training

Jeff Lobb teaches real estate technology tools in real time for EXIT Realty agents

Get Productive Now! Technology for the Real Estate ProfessionalAccording to the 2008 REALTOR® Association Technology Survey, the most commonly reported technology challenge is “getting members up to speed with technology and how to make it work for them.” Sound familiar? What if there was a way to provide live and in-person technology training by an industry expert to your agents for FREE? With EXIT Realty you can. 

The wildly successful and popular “Get Productive Now! Technology For the Real Estate Professional” training workshop presented by Jeff Lobb, EXIT Realty Corp. International trainer and technology specialist is now being offered at no cost to EXIT real estate agents across North America. “Get Productive Now!” is a comprehensive real estate technology course that addresses key issues such as online marketing strategies, using email and video campaigns, search engine optimization, social networking, smart phones, and much more. But more importantly, Jeff Lobb’s fluency in the three languages of English, Tech and Real Estate bridges the gap between knowing what buttons to push and how to actually use the knowledge to grow your real estate business. Learning the technology is only part of the equation; getting results with it is the key and Jeff shows the way. 

Jeff Lobb has been a REALTOR® for over 22 years and has more than 10 years experience in the internet and technology fields both with Fortune 500® companies and startup ventures. From a unique position of having been a real estate sales representative and EXIT Realty franchisee, Jeff travels across North America teaching EXIT Associates the skills they need to get ahead in the ever-changing world of real estate technology.

“The ability to be LIVE in the room gives me the opportunity to show and use the technology tools in ‘real time’,” says Lobb. “I also want everyone to understand that I am a REALTOR® first. I understand what it takes to make a great listing presentation, what it’s like to work with buyers and negotiate offers, because I live that life every day and have for the past 22 years. Technology should make your business more productive and help you to remain competitive. It’s all about generating more transactions and doing more business while balancing your life – a better career and a balanced life for you and your family is the ultimate goal. I look forward to this challenge and helping our associates rise to the next level of their career.” 

“The technology training introduced and provided by Jeff Lobb is absolutely invaluable to all agents, brokers, administrators, regional owners and executives at EXIT Realty. It is indeed in a class by itself,” says Steve Morris, EXIT Realty Founder and CEO. “EXIT Realty Corp. International is picking up the tab for this training so every associate at every level of the company can benefit.”

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