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5 Simple Tips for Improving Facebook 

As I’m sure you and the rest of the world are aware of, Facebook recently made some major changes with Pages and Settings. Some of these new updates have greatly improved the way we communicate on the platform we know and LOVE! So I thought I’d share a few tips for using these new features, as well as a few of my favorite ways to keep the conversation flowing!

1. NEW! Page Owners

If you’ve taken the tour and upgraded to the new Facebook Page layout, consider featuring “Page Owners” on the left sidebar. This is particularly important for those of you that have multiple admins contributing to the Page.  Perhaps your team has a page focused on the real estate market you live and work in, or maybe you’re a broker with a brand focused page.  In either case, adding Page Owners personalizes the page a bit more and provides LIKERS with the faces and names behind the relevant content being shared.

HOW-TO: Go to “edit info” on the top of your page, select “featured” from the left sidebar settings and edit your page owners. BONUS: Edit your featured likes to call attention to local business affiliates, other office locations, or resources.

2. NEW! Post as Yourself

Probably my most favorite new feature from the recent update, and one I’ve been whining about to Facebook for some time! You now have the ability to change your “post preference” for a Page that you’re an admin of. So instead of the Facebook Page image showing up when you post to your page, your own profile image can appear. Can I get a woohoo!? This new change is music to the ears of individual admins and multiple page admins because it not only alleviates confusion over who is actually posting to the Page but again improves the personalization of the Page. Pages can often seem like “relevant content silos” with streaming posts and no actual engagement taking place. Now that we can put a post to a name I’m confident more actual commenting will take place. <fingers crossed>

HOW-TO: Go to “edit info” on the top of your page, select “your settings” and un-check the “post preferences” box.

3. Create Lists

Do you find that you’re always talking to the same 5 people every time you login to Facebook? If you are, then you’re probably not making the most of Facebook as a business tool for staying top of mind with your sphere. Now, don’t get me wrong…those 5 people may be important folks in your Web of connectivity and may rock referrals your way. But what if your 5 were 10, or 50?! Don’t let Facebook’s Edgerank keep you focused on just a few key targets. Expand your reach and conversations to stay top of mind with a variety of people in your sphere. To do this, you need to segment your friends into lists which makes it much easier to engage in a more relevant way than saying “thanks for sharing”.

HOW-TO: Go to “edit friends” in the dropdown menu on the right side. Select the “create list” button up top and segment your friends by geographic location, demographic or other target characteristics.

4. Filtering the Newsfeed

When you want to find out what’s going on in your network you can easily turn to the Facebook Newsfeed. The Newsfeed has 2 options: Top News & Most Recent. It’s tempting to hang out in Top News where supposedly all the action is…or most interacted with posts. And you will see all the usual suspects there…people that have mastered the art of being social and sharing relevant content…which IS valuable and fun. But what about all those folks in your network that are equally if not more important to connect with on a regular basis? This is where Facebook Lists play an important role. When you view the Most Recent option in the Newsfeed you can filter what’s being posted by the lists you’ve created. So instead of seeing Top News from the usual suspects, you see the people you want to stay top of mind with.

HOW-TO: Create lists (see tip #3), then utilize the dropdown menu in the Most Recent Newsfeed to filter and engage with targets. Not only will you be able to easily see what your network is sharing, you can learn more about what your sphere needs and wants. Challenge: Pick a list every day and comment on at least 3 posts made by others.

5. Daily Engagement Plan

If you’ve heard enough hype about Facebook as a business tool and are ready to make good use of your time and this fabulous network….it’s time for a Daily Engagement Plan. Set 20-30 minutes aside in the AM or PM to take care of the following marketing tasks:  (1) update your status, (2) post a relevant share to your Page (if you have one), (3) filter the Newsfeed and comment on 3 posts made by others, (4) post or send birthday wishes to those in your network celebrating, (5) check and respond to messages, (6) invite or accept new friends.


Although these features can help improve the ebb and flow of your conversations in Facebook, the best tip I can honestly give you is to engage consistently with a balanced diet of YOU (personality, passion, profession)! Carry on!


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