A message from 30 thousand feet !

A company is really about it’s people. PEOPLE make the company and the culture. Let me share…so…I’m boarding a Delta flight from San Francisco to NY heading home from almost 4 weeks on the road. Training, motivating and giving EXIT Realty is Tech edge.. As I board, my carry on bags that I check on flights almost every day doesn’t want to fit in the overhead. Now, while I am very used to gate side check in, they didn’t seem to be offering that in this flight. So, my 1 bag was size challenged with a FULL flight boarding. ..they asked me to hold my bag until the huge line of travelers get seated…then, I would march my bag up front to get checked in.. I was greeted by a gentleman,(won’t mention names) but wasnt gentle, nor a gentleman.. Rude and condescending was more like it, making comments to me like ” what was i thinking” and “i should have known better” etc, etc….a young lady from Delta, listened in as i tried to explain nicely, that it was an oversite on my part as there is usually gateside check in…he felt the need to be right and continue to put me in my place by adding comments that said, ” since you are Mr. World traveler, i should also know that there is no gate side check in on non commuter flights”. While my high “D” tempermant kicked in…i contained myself and my professionalism (especially because i was proudly wearing my EXIT pin) and simply said thank you for taking of my bag, gave him and the young lady from Delta next to him “the LOOK and a head shake” a politely took my seat. I also said to myself ” there goes that bag, and all my stuff…this guy isn’t going to put it on the plane, nor does he care.” I am a Delta /Northwest airline fan and choose to fly it often..Key word “CHOOSE”. I wasnt feeling warm and fuzzy about this person or this
companies attitude displayed by this person. Sometimes, it takes just ONE person to make the wrong impression for the entire company. It was minutes later as one of the flight attendants came by to check
our seats. It just happened to be the young lady/ flight attendant listening to this little scenerio. She came
to me and said ” Mr. Lobb,….I just want you to know that I have your bag. I wasn’t comfortable with the
way you were being spoken to or treated, so I grabbed the bag and stowed it with mine up front, so please don’t worry, you are almost home and I’ve got you covered . WOW, She must have read my eyes and
stepped up to the occasion..that right there my friends is what makes a company. People who can step up
when they need to, can treat customers with respect and simply get the job done with excellent results.
Her name Allison Phalon. Allison Phalon, from the Delta airlines New York based crew. Thank you for who
you are and what you are made of. You are an example that people in the service industries need to
follow, and it’s people like you who care that make a difference. We have this same culture within the EXIT
Realty system . People who care and who make a difference . I’m glad to see it in other industries and
wanted to point her out. Kudos and Thank You.

Jeff Lobb
Technology Specialist

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